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RPI up to 101

Omaha bound


“Up to 101”

Sad state of Baseball……that is a phrase that should never be uttered.


Not sure that’s a fair comment. This team got off to an incredibly slow start but is 11-4 since conference play started and playing noticeably better baseball. Tied for first in conference with series wins over ECU, USF and Wichita State (who just swept ECU).

16 Games to go and team has a real shot at winning the regular season title.

The selection committee sometimes looks at how hot you are to finish the season. If they finish these last 16 with 12/13 wins and make serious noise in the conference tournament, they could be considered one of the hottest teams in the country and sneak in. I know thats hard to wrap your head around given how bad the early results were, but lets see how things shake out.


Lurker, I know you’re an ex player and I respect that….I’m an ex player of a different school but have been a UH fan my entire life.
If things had broken a different way maybe I would have gotten to play under Raynor.

But the last two seasons OOC’s have been absolute garbage and left them with virtually no chance outside of winning the conference tournament……last year despite making the league championship game they were not even close to the bubble……there were at least another 20 teams that had better resumes than UH after the teams that got in.

This year will be no different….Unless they win just about every game left the RPI will never get close and outside ECU there are no quad 1 wins….And the luster is diminishing off those two wins……I would rather have seen a decent or dare say good OOC so that if the team started playing better, as they have, they would actually have a legitimate chance to get an at-large.

Most on this board know I have a connection to the recruiting game….the program is in this shape because of the many bridges burned and I’ll leave it like that….

I always want the players to do well and even though it may not be the most talented group I think they have been short changed in regards to player development.

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I’m all for playing hard and winning baseball. If they catch fire the rest of the way then I’m on board.

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101st in RPI puts UH 6th in B12.

I will not move Iowa State until they bring back baseball!”

Would that 11-4 conference record put us in the top 40 and in contention for an at-large spot?

Boy, Baylor is hot garbage after hiring the local CC coach. Maybe they’re loaded with underclassmen.

And Tech at #65 is pretty poor given its investments.

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We wouldn’t have a RPI of 101 if we were playing in Big 12 or big 12 OOC schedule this year with this team it would be much worse because we would have lost a lot more games so far with this team, not apples to apples comparison

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We’d have a worse record yes, but not necessarily a worse RPI rank. I count 9 teams right now that are ahead of us in the RPI’s with .500 or lower records. Fl St is at 89 with a 14-25 record. The highest ranked is Liberty at 64 with a 19-21 record. And as I often like to point out, because of their tough non-conference schedule, Rayner Noble’s 2001 team earned an at-large bid despite a 29-28 record. I don’t think this years team could come close to doing that, but replace most of those Q4 n-c opponents with Q1 & Q2 ones and at least we’d probably have a less embarrassing rank than 110.

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I personally don’t love RPI as the ultimate deciding factor and with the committee would come up with a better metric. Now, what that metric would be I readily admit I have no idea.

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Well, the only quad 1 wins were ECU and they have underperformed lately.

Several “bad” losses.

SOS is not good.

RPI and the two others I mentioned are the other main criteria….not good by any metric.

Win conference tournament or bust.


You’re exactly right. Any way you slice it, AAC is a 1-bid league this year unless someone other than ECU wins the conference tournament. Then it’s tourney champ + ECU. Winning the regular season is possible and would be nice. Next weekend against Wichita State is a huge series for the team … but winning the conference regular is just that: nice. Won’t get a regional bid.


Baylor will be fine. He just had to take over a roster that was not Big 12 ready. He is a really good coach and a really good recruiter.


AAC Baseball Championship game is a month from tomorrow.
Why not UH ? Great fielding w Ek and Citelli coming around.

april 27th 23 aac honor roll Arnold and Ek

Tulimero .303

Gloves have been $ all year.

Big lead. Murray should be close but caught 9 times.
burkel sbs