LAW, they've set a date

March 22


Dont think FSU wins this one…ACC home offices are in Charlotte…North Carolina is serious home territory for ACC…

Friggin favoritism. All my lawsuits take two or more years to set a court date. Even my small claim suits take up to a year. The only exception is eviction suits.



I didn’t read the article, but the headline tells me the hearing is for “case management.”

That’s just pretrial stuff that will likely deal with discovery deadlines, dispositive motion deadlines, expert -designation deadlines, alternative dispute resoluation, and a bunch of other stuff that will have nothing to do with the actual disposition of the claims at issue.

Trial could still be years away, or the case may be decided with dispositive motions (like a summary judgment) and there may never be a trial.

Nothing to see here.

At least, that’s the way it works, generally.

What Lawbert said.

It’s a meeting to basically discuss how the rest of the discovery process, negotiations, alt. dispute resolution, etc., will proceed.

There’s a chance that they could settle at that meeting, but it’d shock me if they did.

This is only the beginning.

Of course, dispositive motions may still be filed and argued.

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