Layout and business model of coogfans

We have listened to the users of Coogfans and heard repeatedly that they wish we would keep the old layout theme. So we have worked hard to try to replicate the layout of the “old theme” However, we didn’t skimp on the technology. The new format we have created has the ability to morph into the top social technologies offered today. Twitter, Facbook, Instgram. As we grow and build I think you will find the experience much more palatable than the previous forum. Furthermore, we are changing the business model. No more paid subscriptions for inside information. We are now offering all content too all users free with banner ads running. If you don’t want to see the ads then you can pay a annual fee of $89.00 and be ad free. It’s that straight forward. We will continue to offer Jimmy’s articles and the ever so popular Pawdcast for our posters as well of insight from various posters that have been the cornerstone of If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.

Eat 'em Up!

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