Leaving the stadium tonight

I felt nothing. I used to hate when we lost. It would drive me nuts for days. Tonight I felt nothing. Just a guy walking across campus at night.


I felt like this against Cinncy. Pretty sad state of affairs.


The pick 6 to go up 7-0 in the 1st quarter I felt absolutely nothing. I usually would have been screaming and been pumped up throwing around high fives and what not but I knew that that one huge play wouldn’t do crap in the end to decide today’s game. Sad really.

Unfortunately when we went up 23-9 I did end up falling victim to hope and started thinking about how this was shaping up to be another surprisingly positive result similar to the feeling after WVU and Baylor. I started thinking about going 6-6 and what it would take to knock off UCF in Orlando and what next season could look like if we built some momentum. Foolish me it only took for about half a quarter before Dana and his sidekick Belk brought me crashing back down to earth.


I feel sick like the feeling of signing divorce papers to end a marriage with someone you want so badly to love but know they will only continue to hurt you.

I like Dana and have wanted so badly for things to be different. And yet, they are only getting worse. Much worse - and rapidly.

Brutal analogy, but apt.


Same man. Should’ve known better.

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Probably the first time I ever left the game before the last second ticked off. It was time to beat the traffic and get a margarita. Time to think about basketball and watch the girls final volleyball game of the season next Saturday. It was time to put the irrelevance of this season behind me. I agree with Chad about Dana, It’s time to move on.
Have a good off season guys, until next year, its time to do something else.


Heard a guy saying I’m not watching next week, no point and we’re in for it again next year. That sums it up for me too.

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UH football is like your daughter who has so much potential and can go far in life. Yet, she won’t leave that fouled-mouth, drunk, skullet-haired boyfriend who is holding her back.


This sounds awfully specific lol


Don Fertitta’s extreme desire to control everything related to our football program has actually destroyed our Football program. …not helped it.

He needs to grow up. Herman took a better job that 100% in his position would have taken.

He then got butt hurt and cried to every radio station that would have him on “the next coach will NOT do that to me again”

Then he ran off all of the worthy candidates and had to settle for puppet, Applewhite.

Kiffin 100% should have gotten that job and carried over the H-Town Takeover momentum.

Then he poscehed Holgorson and followed ot ip withbanother ego filled brag fest.

“I stole away a P5 Coach”

He was completely tone deaf on the fact that Holgorson was about to be fired and was NEVER a great coach or recruiter!

He is just someone Don Fertitta can control

Then he (through Pez) manipulated the 2021 schedule to EXTEND this clown.

Don Fertitta needs to set his ego aside, and desire to control everything, to better our football progtam.

I get he likes to like to be the Capo di tutti i Capi…but seriously?


Went to the game at the invite of a former coog player (real stud), we had excellent seats across from the coogs bench. Had a set of bino’s and was just looking at CDH when good/bad things happened-nothing, just walked up/down sideline like a puppet and I saw him with a can of something in his hand (the Bull?) on one occasion. We both just knew when the 2nd half started the coogs were toast-and they were. No emotion, from anyone-not even us or fans around us. Good to see the Okie State folks wound up and having a good time, at least somebody did.


Good weed helped me get there a while back.


He can’t even manage the Rockets correctly either.
Waited 3+ years to realize Silas was not the guy to lead the team.

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He turned both into lifeless programs.

Its takes a STRONG coach to stand up to Don Fertitta.

CKS proved he can do it and hopefully the new Rockets coach can.

If you aren’t STRONG, Don Fertitta will use you as his puppet.

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You’re obviously not a real Coog. You might even be a longhorn, have you checked?


I think Tilman wants what’s best. But you have to hit an inside straight to have a great coach that will stay forever. You never know what a guy really thinks of UH til the end. In LeBush and Dana he has/had coaches that would stay, but both are/were miserable staff-builders and only one worked at it. He wants to ride out this thing and hope that Dana pulls through. It will be a great success story if he does. But I don’t believe in Dana. And the t-shirters quit a long time ago.

Helps with not giving a f…life is good, except for coog football lol

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