Leonard Hilton Memorial 1/17/20

Starts at 10 am Friday.

60m includes Obi, Cam Burrell, and… Kahmari Montgomery.

4*400 includes Houston vs. HTownSpeedCity (Obi, Amere Lattin, Mario Burke and Kahmari Montgomery).

Don’t think I’ll be able to make it but it’s good to get it started. Lots of new faces for the Coogs, we’ll start to see what we’ve got.

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UH entered 5 in the men’s 60m, all five advanced. UT-Austin entered six, two qualified for finals.

Newcomer Miles Marhofer won the weight throw by almost 10’. Mikaila Martin won women’s WT by 5’.

Houston’s only entrant in men’s 60mH was freshman Oladayo Akindele. He tied for fastest time in the prelims.

Naomi Taylor has fastest time in women’s 60mH prelims.

Track finals start in about an hour.

Oladayo Akindele won the 60m hurdles in 7.78. Naomi Taylor wins the women’s in 8.23


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Collins takes the 60m. Coogs 1st-3rd and 5th.


Dayo should be a senior, not sure why he is listed as a freshman. Transfer from Kennesaw St, was 9th in the 110H in 2018

Shhh… Maybe no one else will notice and we get him for four years! :wink:

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BTW, what happened with HTown Speed City 4*400 squad??? Last place finish, seven seconds behind 9th place Southern U, and only 40 seconds behind 1st place Texas…:thinking:

Was it like an exhibition race for them, kinda like Carl Lewis’s final “race” around the track at Robertson Stadium? :smile:

Something that stands out about the men is how young they are. Lot of freshmen running. That is, assuming they’ve got the classifications correct…:laughing:

This is an Olympic year. The major players are firmly into training right now. Don’t want to peak until June/July.

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My guess is Burke thought it was a 4x200 and walked the last 200 of his leg! :joy:

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