Lessons for the Tourney?

The Women’s March Madness Tournament has been a hit, but can the men’s learn from it? And what’re the shining moments for the Houston Cougars?
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Not sure the men have to learn anything from the women’s tourney. The men’s tourney sets the standard for sports entertainmrnt.


So they can’t learn anything from anyone?

As a journalist I would hope you wouldn’t change “ladies” to “anyone.”

… you said it’s the standard, which would out it at the top of everything. So I asked a question

And I host a daily podcast, very much from a fan’s perspective and as a fan. A journalist, while that’s convoluted and a lot of people try to call themselves that these days, are objective. I don’t even hint at objectivity, I talk about Houston as someone who wants the best for Houston

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I don’t think the men can learn much from the women. They can mention last week’s game or Kaitlyn Clark. But the reality is the only reason people know there’s a women’s tournament is because of the men’s tourney. I’ll bet that there are more people watching Fantasy Island reruns than watching women’s basketball. I know from my perspective if the Coogs didn’t have a women’s team I wouldn’t even believe it was a sport.

Same w/WNBA

Journalists being objective, thats a good one