Lest We Forget!

Lets remember the other important factors of the USF win…

A significant win on the road in bad weather against an undefeated #16 ranked team.

We ended USF winning streak of 12 games, Longest in the nation.

We ended USF 26 straight games of scoring 30 points or more.

UH defense played tough throughout the game holding a formidable program to only 24 points while recording 4 sacks.

Mark D’Onofrio best game as DC.

King emerged as our missing link at QB.

Car emerged as a tough, play making running back.

Lark emerged as a go-to wide receiver in key moments.

McDowell 50 yd KO return set up the final drive nicely.

Roy had best game of his punting career. Eight punts that averaged 48 yards.

We played for the win and not a tie.

Offense recorded 250 yards rushing.

A sluggish first half; A slugfest second half.

A significant win for the Major. I believe he will develop into a good HC and he needed this win to establish credibility in the eyes of the UH alumni and fans.

Our current record of 5-3 could end up 8-3. With a bowl win…9-3.


We really needed this after the heartbreak of last week. This year has been crazy, starting with the hurricane the emotional roller coaster has had to take a toll. I hope our fan base is able to see how this season has gone down. The bigger issue is everyone assumed Allen was the heir apparent at QB but I don’t think that was really the plan going into the opener. King injury forced us to make do.

Good comments above. Only one thing, I believe it was Colton Cerday #80 who ran the kickoff back in place of Leday #85.

Went back and looked at the stats. It was McDowell. My mistake.

I dunno if we played for the win. King’s run was on 3rd and 9, and postgame presser Applewhite says to the effect of… the idea was to get another 4 or 5 yards. Was he just playing to set up FG to tie?

King made the win happen turning it back the other direction