Let me get this straight: Espn wants even more money?

I already pay the exorbitant amount of money for Xfinity cable with their full sports package, but if I want to watch ESPN+, it’s another $4.99 per month on top of everything else?



As they move more and more content to +, the price will go up too.

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Nah, I’ll pass!

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Bad enough that I have to pay something like 59 cents per month for the LH network !!

really pisses me off !!


This is exactly what I mean. It’s not my fault Espn ruined college football and didn’t think the internet was important. Now gauge us even more?

While I am at it, these kids need to GET OFF MY LAWN.

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I miss when Espn 3_was free as long as you were a Comcast subscriber :confounded:

You are paying 64 cents a month for the SEC network. 2 cents a month for LHN. If the AAC ends up on a platform I have to pay for, I’m gonna be livid.

Brad, the date of that article is 2015.

This looks newer. Geez the thing at the bottom basically says we all pay $1.30 a month for SEC network since Aggy is in the SEC. I doubt the LHN number has changed much…so small it is not on the list.


This is why you’ll never see a la cart cable/satellite where you can just pick channels. It would result in a lot of channels dying off because currently you pay for so many that you don’t watch.

I don’t have cable or satellite and I’m not sure why ESPN wouldn’t offer a ppv type service to select an individual game or a Sunday ticket type package where you could get all CFB for a flat rate.

When I saw the breakdown from Kinetics, it stated 59 cents for LHN.

Even if it were 2 cents, it still would piss me off !!!

By the by, I do watch the SEC network, just not a$m games, unless I know they are going to have the crap beat out of them.

Cut the cord guys …Cut the cord!


I want to… but when I start adding up paying for the stuff I actually DO watch, it stacks up and isn’t really much cheaper than cable.


Not a monopoly because there are 4 networks that control sports viewership of 310,000,000 Americans.

It is not a monopoly but rather the 4 networks have formed a cartel.


It’s at best a duopoly in college football but Fox is the junior partner. ESPN controls the FBS to the point they can write their own storylines and outcomes as if it were the WWF.

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They control who wins games? C’mon. Anyone with enough money can start a network and pay the rights fees, so there’s no monopoly. CBS also shows a ton of SEC and NBC gave Notre Dame their own platform.

Agree, but I would replace “gave” with the words…paid ND a lot of moola to show their games.

How is the ending of net neutrality going to work? Are we going to be able to cut the cord? I’m willing to bet by Disney launching all of these streaming services( an obvious precursor ) will have us paying either way-cable or IP streaming. I wouldn’t put it beyond Disney to partner with ISPs to complicate things for us even more. ESPN+ is a fraction of the issue.

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