Let recruiting begin

Hopefully a fruitful weekend coming in 6 days.

Santa all I want for Christmas is………


I hope we get some big booms.

Is offensive lineman first and foremost


We need a lot of everything. We have 9 commits. Cincy has 20 and UCF has 15.


:100: 100, :100:

Matthew Golden the 4 star wr just got a new prediction to recommit to TCU. Its just one, but man if that happens… I genuinely dont understand what Houston has to do to get a highly rated wr. Guess Willie McCoy it is.

Keep winning games!


I don’t know if CDH hoping recruits start showing up saying take me.(sarcasm) Why are we behind the curve? I guess in Dana we trust?

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There’s 2 6’7 300+ pound tackles in the portal, let’s go get them and beef up the protection for Tune next year and our RB’s. And there’s some tall and big bodied receivers in there too


We should go all in next year and try to capitalize on the city of Houston’s disdain of the Texans. Bring in 1 yr transfers that are ready to start for us and try to make a run for an undefeated season.


How can this be?!?! The Big12 news came out months ago

Cincy also has the 28th best recruiting class including 3 4 star recruits.

Dana isn’t a recruiter that’s something we are going to have to accept as Houston fans. He gets his talent via transfers and as long as he can coach them up that’s all that matters.


I think you are right on this…

He doesn’t need to be a recruiter. That’s the job of his coordinators, assistants, grad.asst. and some players. His job is to be the HC and put a winning team on the field and close the deal on some prized recruits.


If you’re expecting to get prized recruits with Dana you’ll be disappointed. That just simply not how he or his assistants recruit.

The schools that recruit the best have the HC leading the charge. He just better get the right players and win portal battles.


CB and OL. Need to hit the portal or Juco ranks hard for those two positions. Maybe another receiver or two. I love every other position group on our team next season.

We’re in on the top 2 Juco CBs in the country.

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On one side of our mouth we are saying Dana doesn’t recruit big name players and neither does his coaches.

Out the other side is Dana saying kids that wouldn’t answer their phone pre big 12 announcement are now accepting calls.

So does he and his coaching staff recruit or not?


Good question. Like to here the true answer