Let's fill Fertitta by 11:00 for UT game

OK COGGFANS. Let’s all be there, in our seats at Fertitta by 11:00 against the TU Turds and make 7200+ resemble the 16K+ we had to deal with at KU. LOUD. No excuses, Saturday, no traffic, just get there and be loud at 11:00 . And no gimmicks RED only.


LBUC first and I’m sure the UT will be the older coog fans Super Bowl. Despite them not being the Super Bowl team, aka Kansas. But every home game needs to be a win, regardless of who it is. That being said buts need to be in seats early at all home games.


Good luck lol

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As the doors for any game do not open until 1 hour before the game starts and will not open until 11:00 for a noon start your request will not be fulfilled.

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WHY do so many worry about stuff they can’t control?
We will have a good crowd and loud as always. There will be lots of texas fans just like I have seen lots from other teams . We had lots of Tech, and KSU fans and even Okie Stater around us. It is what it is. There is a group a 3-4 in front of us and they seemingly 90% of the time sell their tickets so we usually have visiting teams fans in front of us every game. I just scream for my Coogs loudly right behind them!


I’m wearing black and and showing up at 11:01


To many brokers seem to have tickets to sell at visiting teams buy them up

Im going to tryand be there early. Just cant predict these things.

I think it’s also a lot of our “fans” who saw the Big 12 move as an investment opportunity.

A lot of corporate sponsors have season tickets that go unused or given to visiting fans also. The four seats in front of me haven’t been used for a single game all year, and the ticket office confirmed that they are owned by a corporate sponsor partner


Might I suggest that the doors open 90 minutes before the game for large interest games (Texas, Kansas)? This has happened before for football for big games at TDECU.


This will add more revenue for concessions


we wanted a better tv deal so gawd damn it, i will watch it on tv…

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Some places offer discounted concessions before tipoff to attract fans to show up early.

I believe this happened at least once already this year.

There will be people wandering around looking for their seats about 12:20 for UT game.

They opened the doors early for Alabama last year for sure because an hour before tip off the place was already rocking lol