Let's try again: Taze Moore

If this thread goes south again, suspensions may have to happen. Coogfans is NOT an anonymous comment section of a news site. This is a special community where we support UH and the school. It is not a place for petty bickering and insults. We challenge everyone to not be like most of the rest of the internet.


Welcome Taze!


Very excited for him. Expecting solid production off of the bench for him. And if we don’t land anyone else, fully expecting him to be in the mix for 6th man of the year in the conference.

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Just another important cog for the machine. Will be very interesting to see how the staff can get all of these cogs to work together.

Can we start with pronouncing the kid’s name correctly?

That might help.

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Welcome Taze! :100::fire:

Why would a major addition to the team lead to pettiness and bickering? Anyhow, welcome!


Great pickup!

Can’t wait to see those “hops” in the Fertitta Center!

You must be new here.

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