Letter writing campaign

This is not from me, but we need to spread it:

Evening everyone!

As everyone is probably aware, UH is still worried about UT or LSU potentially poaching Coach Herman, but instead of simply worrying and hoping he’ll stay, I’ve been coordinating a mass effort from the student body to show our love and appreciation for Tom Herman. The articles posted below hint that Herman plans to stay, but by no means should we not remind him how much he means to the school as well as the city of Houston. Being proactive to keep Herman will go a long way the next time a major school parts with their head coach. I hope that we can safely say that whenever a big school loses their coach, rumors won’t even circulate that they’re reached out to Herman. That is my intention, and I need all the help I can get to achieve my goal.

Plans to collect massive amounts of handwritten letters from students, faculty, alumni, and local businesses owners is well underway and now it’s time I look for some alumni support! We have set up a mailbox on campus which will be accepting letters from alumni. I will put the address below.

This group, however, is only a very small portion of the alumni UH has, and I need help spreading the word of my endeavors. Ideally, the Alumni Association is the ideal place to go, but I lack the necessary contacts with which to do so. If someone share this with the association or get me in touch with someone in charge I would love to work with you all to spread some Herman love!

As I mentioned earlier, if you’d love to help Houston out and write a letter, (it doesn’t have to be very long!), please send the letter addressed to Tom Herman to:

334 Melcher Hall Suite 370F
University of Houston
4750 Calhoun Rd
Houston, Texas 77204

These letters don’t have to be long, or perfectly articulate. Just a small letter in which you share your appreciation for the success and attention Herman has brought to our school over the past two years will be more than enough for my purpose!

Thank you all so much for your time and go coogs!


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