Levi Williams

Officially in the portal after yesterday’s win

Whos he

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He is a kid we recruited out of high school. He committed to us, but when Tune committed he changed his mind and went to Wyoming…I think he is a back up there… He HAS done some playing…He passed for 800 yards and a touchdown in 2020, and led Wyoming in rushing TDs with 6. I do not know what he did last year…

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He signed under Applewhite. Holgorsen released him from his LOI when he got hired. I have watched him a fair amount. Good runner, would be a project in CDH’s offense IMHO.

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Wrong. He was in the class after Tune.


He’s a scrub!..

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Wrong…. Not a scrub

9-11 for 137 yards and a TD

And ran for 200yards and 4 TDS

All yesterday.

He showed what he could do yesterday and opened eyes…. Taking advantage.

I saw I’m play a couple times in high school….fast and athletic.

May not be a fit here but definitely not a scrub.




These old folks dont know what Reddit is.

I was surprised he went back Wyoming this year. He had a real problem with some crackpots.

His mom used to post here when he was a verbal.
As I remember it, family ties to Liberty. Sisters playing volleyball there or something similar.
First though was headed there but they have a Tenn QB transfer with 4 years left.

I remember the name and being excited about a quarterback with a “W” last name.

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Quarterbacks with last names starting with K and W often find success at UH.

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