Life Membership football experience -- SOLD OUT FOR UTSA

I bought a life membership to be able to eat and drink for free at UH football games, not this bullsh*t. This is awful

You must register if you are a Life Member and plan to attend the Life Member Experience. There will be a $10.00 entry fee for Life Members. Life Members may bring one guest for $10.00 and up to two additional guests for $25.00 each. The Life Member Experience is limited to the first 700, so register early. The Life Member Experience will include food, one drink ticket per person, a cash bar, games on our big screen TV’s, live Chalk Talks from our UH broadcasters, and indoor comforts as well. Life Members can also join fellow alumni at Party on the Plaza to get in on the festivities.


Bait and switch


Hard pass.

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Can I be your guest? I got $10


Yeah man. Me and my wife were considering for the benefits and it just seems they’re trying to get money everywhere now. Aside from everything else I donate to they’re drying me out and I’m getting a little irked about it.

And before someone goes on and tells me that we’re big time now. They have raised prices, charged for parking to a scrimmage. Fundraised. Asked for NIL, life membership and now entry fee for 700 people. That’s ridiculous.


I paid $1k when I graduated to become a life member. I also had the cougar mastercard and made the alumni organization a decent amount of money from all I charged.

I can’t say that I got my value from either decision.

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It’s time for an attitude adjustment. UH alumni need to quit complaining and step up to the plate. We’re back in the big leagues now so let’s try to act like it. Can you even eat at Whataburger now for $10.00?

[NOTE: By way of comparison, an adjacent season ticket holder and good friend’s son-in-law must contribute ~$15,000/year for the privilege of being able to buy his FB season tickets up at ATM.]


This has nothing to do with buying seasons tickets. I donate to Cougar Pride and NIL.

I paid $1,000 to be a member of the Lifetime Alumni Association, where I was promised free drinks and food for life at football games. Now I have to pay to get in and get one free drink ticket. That’s ridiculous.


I actually do admire you have the budget and have friends who have the budget to give so much. I unfortunately can’t at the moment and I imagine most of the other 30k can’t either.

Also, they promised something with being a life member. Life means life. Not until its convenient for us. Hold businesses accountable.


I became a life member because I love UH. Any perks were bonus. However I’m not a fan of this plan, mostly because I am not always able to plan ahead what time I will get to a game. So I don’t think I would pre-register and pay when I know that I may not have the time to tailgate.

I wonder if they did this strictly to limit the number of people attending to control costs or because sponsors aren’t willing to cover the whole bill.


A deal is a deal. Doesn’t matter if its with UH or anyone else. The free market runs on completion of contracts.

Not a member but I have to ask…free food and drinks for life, were they nuts when they offered that? Sounds like a money pit they dug themselves from the beginning.


C’mon man, most every roof sold in Houston has a “lifetime” warranty. Do you know of anyone who ever got a free replacement roof from such a life-time warranty?

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There’s always a definition of lifetime when it comes to roofs. Lifetime is the length of life on the shingles when purchased. Whether it’s a 15 year shingle, 20,25 etc.

So your example doesn’t work and doesn’t address the bait and switch.

Besides, if people are complaining then it’s obviously not worth the value that the school is putting on it.

I’m a life member and didn’t do so to get into their tailgates. That decision was independent of this so I’m still happy I did that.

That said, I’m not paying $10/person for this. I also think it’s disappointing and an example of being “penny wise and pound foolish.”


Yeah, the way to get more people to give more money is not to charge them an entry fee into pregame tailgates.

It’s sensible to limit the free stuff (number of drinks, food offering), but this is dumb.


Man, yeah I have to agree. Really feels like we’re getting fleeced here.

I’ve never had a lifetime warranty on a roof. If you’re using a freakin roof agreement from a fly-by-night to rationalize not honoring a contract then please PM me. I want to stay a good 30 miles from your business.

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Stay true to your word. I don’t care who you are. And when you offer inducements in return for help ($) you uphold those commitments made by you when you took the money, and the donor is privileged to the benefits for life as the money was given when needed and when the promises were made.

Anything short of that you’re a hole. A true representation of Cougar High.


Ten bucks, twenty bucks, don’t care. That’s ridiculous. What are they losing out on to charge people that paid a lot upon graduating (or just cause), and also donate through their season tickets?

It’s a slap in the face lol. Like, it’s up to 7k a game which is pretty good for an AA I guess. But, from all the life member donations, how many are reaping in those benefits? What if they just got ya know, seven life memberships upon last semester’s graduation?

Remember when I posted about Cub Camp getting cancelled for good? They gutted UHAA quite a bit.

This sucks, I liked being able to walk away from the Greek area to eat grub and network a bit.

Anyway, CV3 may do a tailgate (still need to fund it). Y’all are invited for a drink. We won’t charge to get in, but donations/tips are always welcome since we want to battle Greek for tailgate dominance. I offer Ruck Fice shirts in return

Also, I paid only $300 for my life membership lol. Got it in 2020. They discounted it for graduation weekend to $600, then there was a code to take another 50% off. I got my money back on it so I shouldn’t complain, BUT trying to get more out of those who give a grand amount of money, even in a small amount, is just odd. It’s like asking for a tip at the concession stand. How about pay the workers more from your ten dollar hot dogs, being more greedy than UT with the PUF