Lindy's College Football Preview 2024

There is good news and bad news to report.

They pick UH 14th out of 16 Big 12 teams, ahead of only Arizona State and Cincy. I disagree there. Baylor should be below UH and not at #12.

On a positive side, they say that Willie Fritz should build a strong foundation at UH, but they say it’s tough to see that taking place with this year’s roster.

Not sure how accurate their UH starting lineup is, but it shows only two returning defensive starters (Haulcy and Jamal Morris).

I agree with their picks for the top two in the Big 12: Okie State and Utah.

In my view, Kansas State should be #3; they pick Kansas ahead of Kansas State.

In recruiting, UH is in the bottom quartile of the Big 12, but is ahead of Baylor, Arizona, and Colorado; they picked Neon Deion’s class DEAD LAST, pointing to only a small number of HS signees and mostly transfers. Tech ranked #1 in Big 12 recruiting.

I’m actually fine with UH’s class, given that we threw it together in just a few weeks.

Sadly, no UH player is on their pre-season All-Big 12 team.

As for other teams and conferences.

UT is picked second in the SEC behind only Georgia. aTm is 9th.

As for the new ACC additions…SMU, coming off its best season in 40 years is picked 7th.

Florida State and Clemson (DUH!!!) are #1 and #2…NO WONDER they are suing to move on to bigger and better things!

Some people here suggested that SMU would become a big NIL powerhouse and “surpass” us.

That’s a laugh. Ya wanna know where Lindy’s ranked SMU’s recruiting class? Answer: DEAD LAST in the ACC.

So much for that!

Surprisingly, Cal is picked #12 out of 17 ACC schools.

Can you guess where Stanford is picked? DEAD LAST!!! Maybe there is hope, as their recruiting class was in the Top Half of the ACC.

SIX Big 12 teams are in their pre-season Top 25: Okie State at #12, Utah at #16, Kansas at #20, Kansas State at #21, Arizona at #23, and Iowa State at #24.

Georgia is their pre-season #1.

Only one G5 team is in their pre-season top 25; Liberty at #25.

Be thankful we got out of the AAC when we did. Their highest ranked team, Memphis, is #35.

Interestingly, two new members break into the pre-season B1G Top 5: Oregon at #2 and USC at #5. Ohio State and Michigan are #1 and #3.

Surprisingly, only Ohio State at #2, Oregon at #4, Michigan at #6, and Penn State at #11 make their Top 25.

The B1G, as always, is VERY top heavy, with many parasites.


shoot they have Utah as a lock, I hope the Big 12 tees off on them

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We need to fill the damn stadium and support our coogs

We almost did it against #8 Texas


I don’t care how they do against the rest of the B12 as long as we beat them like a rented mule.


We have a coach we can believe in. Where this journey goes and how long it takes will be what it is. But it will be worth going along for the ride.


Okie State is the favorite.

I agree with that.

As for Utah, yeah, let’s put them in their place.

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On a positive note, they have a new coaches list, UH was ranked as having the third highest rated new coach (9.0 out of 10), behind only Michigan State and Bama.

I hope that Fritz gets us turned around.


It won’t be like Herman. It’ll be a slow burn but it will be more solid and longer lasting. Hopefully we get some nice surprises along the way.

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Did they predict the PAC12 winner?

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Yes they said it was a coin flip.


Herman stepped into a dream situation with a loaded team ready to explode so he could move on.
CWF had nothing but has already begun the turn. With discipline and better coaching we will be much better than last season.


Say what you will about Herman, but if it weren’t for him then we don’t have an indoor facility

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I know you won’t agree but high school recruiting is not that important anymore. If they think they can start ame aren’t starting they are transferring. 3251 kids in the portal according to on3. That is a lot more than all the incoming freshman.

SMU went with 10 high school kids so that would rank them low just on pure numbers regardless of their individual ranking. They added 19 transfers. SMU also has the #12 class right now for 2025 so don’t count out their money yet.

Colorado signed 11 high schoolers including the #1 lineman and 49 transfers. Jeez, 49.

We signed 17 high schoolers and 29 transfers.

THATS not true…The best teams in the country build their teams with HS recruits…Hugely important for us to do the same, and we will, with Fritz and his staff…high number of transfers this year is because coach wasnt even hired till January and we had to go that route to help with rebuilding…We’ll get selective transfers in future too, but this program will be built with HS kids our coaches can develop…

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Exactly, Tony Levine was a great recruiter and built the team for Herman


Well, last time we played Utah in the Dome, we had Lonnel Phea (sp) and they left a cb 1 on 1
with him. So Yeoman of course isolates him on the cb and TD. With Yeoman he was ALWAYS looking for mismatches. I thin CWF maybe in the same mold. At least I hope so.

for the amount of people who said they won’t be attending games because of Dana, we should have a full house now that we have a new coach.


for the amount of people who said they won’t be attending games because of Dana, we should have a full house now that we have a “REAL” coach.
Fixed it.

ok, you do you. it seems unnecessary but cool…

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That magazine is utter garbage.

You should do a before and after prediction each season.

I wonder where we were picked in Herman’s first year- after Levine was fired.

And i don’t think we are less talented than Herman’s first season squad.

We are returning a veteran senior QB and really we SHOULD have beaten playoff bound UT last season.

Our first and last problem was COACHING.

We play in a blueblood less Big 12…not the SEC!