Linebackers seem to get caught up

We have had a healthy tradition of LBs with a nose for the ball. But re-watching the last three games I consistently see Allen and Egbule getting caught up in the DL and pinned inside.

They seem to run into the blocks and the runner darts outside for big games.

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Containment has been a problem. We miss Bowser.


I was thinking we should move to a 4-3 Defense and put Ed in the middle. It is much harder to double a backer and he pursues better than any one else on the team. Put Flemming and Vaughn on the D line with Thurman and Chevis.

Every 4-3 defense that has been run at UH in my time has always failed, and they inevitably move back to a 3-4 again. The reason is it is easier to recruit high-level linebackers than good defensive linemen at UH. I think our D is what it is at this point.


I think the 3-4 is a great fit. We have had a decade of excellent LB play. We just lost a couple very good ones. Just don’t like our LBs getting caught in the wash. They need to step up.

Especially in the year 2017, it’s a lot easier to find or manufacture the parts necessary to run a 3-4 than it is to make a 4-3 happen. More spread offenses mean more teams are using more, faster linebackers and safeties on defense at the High School level. That means more guys that can play college-level LB. The tradeoff is fewer available DL, which makes it harder to recruit a 4-3.

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I get all that about the recruiting aspect of the 3-4 but I’m talking about now, not the future. How many times, in an open field pursuit situation, have we seen our LBs and DBs 'containing ’ when WHAM! here comes old Ed with his hair on fire to make the tackle.

I’m not saying our LB play is bad, I’m saying moving Ed to LB would make him so much more effective. 3-4 or 4-3 doesn’t matter to me.