List of mediocre teams wanting to fire their coach


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@BYUcougarfan What are the BYU fans saying?

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UH is 3-3 and we have 6 games left. I think we will end up no worse than 6-6 and possibly 7-5. Should we get to 6-6 or 7-5, there’s no way Dana will be fired, especially if we win a bowl game. If we run the table, he will be here for the rest of his contract. Don’t laugh, even fat cows drop dead, you never know what will happen in college sports.


Why do Oklahoma St fans want to fire Gundy?


5 or 6 is possible. 7 went out the door when we lost to Rice.


Not so fast; we could win 4 of our last 6. This is college football and all of our newcomers are starting to get more familiar with our system. Donovan Smith has gotten better each week.


From you lips to God’s ears, Mike!

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If we get to six wins, I will get over the Rice loss. Making a bowl game was my hope for this season, but didn’t see it happening. 6-6 means the Coogs got wins over teams I didn’t expect them to get, so it balances out.


I don’t think we have much of a shot at either of our next two so you’re really asking the team to win the last four games. Just don’t think that’s possible. I’d love to be wrong though. Frankly getting to 6-6 will probably require a bit of luck. We’ll see.

This is just a made up list.
Oklahoma St fans love Mike Gundy.

Oh there are always some fans never happy. But, Mike Gundy put Oklahoma St on the national college football map. I’m impressed with what he has accomplished.

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Mike pulls another idiomatic Exocet from his bag of Midwestern idioms.


Wish I had that same feeling. I might believe you are right if we didn’t have so many overtime and close games. It’s gotten where we could have a two score lead with less than 2:00 to go and I’ve lost all confidence we will win. I’m not saying the offense is perfect, but there are times it seems like we’re playing a prevent-like defense late in the game with all the completions we tend to allow and the only thing it does is prevent us from winning.


It’s the same old thing every year. Win 8-10 games a year, with no jewelry or trophies to show for it. Its gotten stale. OSU fans see what Venables at OU is doing in year 2.

Gundy is what I call a “wash, rinse and repeat” head coach.

There’s no way Okie Lite would fire Gundy. The man has a 24million$ buy out (per my OSU grad cousin who can’t stand Gundy). So you think we’re stuck with Holgorsen?

Yah sorry but I don’t buy that. Gundys turned them into one of the most consistent programs in the country. Bowling 16 years in a row and ranked every other year. They won 12 games two years ago and won the Fiesta Bowl. They’re in great shape heading into the NB12. Firing him would be a colossal mistake.


Midwestern? All of my idioms have to be from Louisiana or Texas, although I did spend 9 months in St. Paul, MN back in 73-74.

Once upon a time, there was a comedian from Georgia that would describe being up North for awhile as being “held hostage” . . . . .

Six wins and he’s here for another year. Plus those incoming B12 recruits and 6-6 will be the minimum next year.

He beats Texas and loses out I’m off the fire Dana train.

Goes 6-6 regardless of who he beats and I’m off the train.

I’m hanging off the caboose right now, last week was an IMPROVEMENT.


Here in lies an issue - while most teams are running on all cylinders, at week 2 it takes us half a season.


Probably a recessive gene. If you you ever use “that’s a whole nother kettle if fish!” we can confirm it.

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