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Come join us: Houston Cougars football fresh off bye, looking at Navy & men’s basketball ranked third nationally - YouTube

We are talking Houston Cougars at bye week, looking ahead at Navy and the men’s basketball team is ranked third in the country.


This show needs better attendance! Great discussions on the current state of everything. No reason not to drop by and have a listen and interact a little bit via YT comments.


I am sorry. Do you have a Facebook page I can follow?

Will check it out later tonight. Keep it up Andy, and great work asking Tune about audibles


We do not have a Facebook page but we have just about every other social media page.

On Instagram and TikTok: letsragecoogs

On Twitter: @PawdSlamaJama

And on YouTube: Pawd Slama Jama


Keep up the great work, Andy! And thanks!

I listen to the podcast version, it’s really good.

Are you 70? Lol


These guys do an awesome job. Even if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, click the link and then like the video and subscribe it has a big effect.

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