LJ Rose Gofundme to help with Hurricane Harvey

Our city is experiencing wide spread devastation like never before seen in history, although there is still so much unknown about the situation, let’s focus our hearts and minds on what we do know. Let’s come together and bring order and restoration to those in need. We have faith we will all join forces and deliver aid to those in need so that they can continue ahead, we must restore their spirits and give them the strength to move on during such hard times. Many have been left stranded and in need of assistance, families, children/infants and pets are in need of rescue. We want to lend a helping hand now, and we will continue to be there when’ll it’s all over.


“Let’s continue to focus on being a helping hand”

All proceeds will be used to help families that have lost it all due to Hurricane Harvey, tropical storms and tornados. We are taking all forms of donations, clothes, shoes, blankets, non perishable items, etc.Please email HoustontxHelpingHands@gmail.com if you would like to donate items or volunteer. We will pick up if necessary.
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