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For the UH baseball gurus/insiders:

I coach a 13uAAA team out of Katy (class of 00 here, not baseball alum).

Does the program have anything that brings in local select teams for tours of the facilities or anything of the such?

As my kids are nearing high school, and a couple of them I feel are on the path to college baseball, I wanted to show them my school and what they offer. I also want to show them why we work so hard, and the rewards that can come with their hard work.

I read so often how we fail with local recruits, and I think getting in their heads early that baseball at UH, in the Big12, in a legit option. Tours seem to be a quick, easy, and basically free way to accomplish this.

My kids are zoned to Tompkins, Katy, and Cinco Ranch, etc. We aren’t perfect by any stretch, but we constantly win against the big name teams, and have beaten all Katy specific teams in the class.

Just wanted to reach out not only for our kids future, but looking out for my school as well.

Any thoughts or feedback you have would be greatly appreciated here or you can send me a DM.

Go Coogs!!!


What you are looking for would be awesome but I would not hold my breath.

I have had 17-18u showcase teams with legit D-1 prospects that were never even spoken to at events played at UH.( they all went somewhere else, some were drafted )

Best bet with a 13u group is just to take them all to a game….be the early when gates open, maybe you can spot one of the coaches and tell them who you are….never know, might talk to the boys….maybe?

Good luck.

Also, if they are beating all those teams it’s time to move them up to majors….got to challenge them.

Thanks for your response. We were at a game last year, and are planning on doing the same here in a couple months!

And agreed about majors, working on it :slight_smile:

Makes no sense what you said about your 17/18u not even being sniffed by the coaches here.

What you are suggesting is a good idea but may run up against recruiting rules. If an organization, say Acme Corp, started a baseball tournament and used the UH facilities and tours of the school without contact with any UH coaches or players would probably be ok. Another way would be for players to run a baseball camp at UH under the NIL rules.

I can vouch for what Pollard posted. Our team played several 16-17u tournaments at Cougar Field with every single kid went on to play at next level including several drafted/pro ball… not a single contact with anyone from the UH Baseball program


That’s tough to hear.

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