Longhorns + Aggies together again

When the Big 8 first approached the SWC about a Big 8/ SWC merger, they proposed a true 16 team merger of all the schools in both conferences.

UT and Texas A&M felt that they were the only 2 worthy of joining the Big 8.

Politics got involved and Texas Tech and Baylor were forced to be tag along.

Fast forward to 2021 and UT found a way to join Texas A& M and separate themselves from the other Texas school.

Took awhile but UT got their way… plus they brought Oklahoma with them.

Remember, UT is VERY deliberate in every single thing they do. Them publicly supporting us in 2016 was for a reason…all part of their master plan.

Well here’s hoping that they meet every year again on Turkey day …

HOWEVER I have absolutely NO IDEA why the horns left for the SEC …

No more tea and crumpets under the veranda any longer … good bye longhorn network … hello upside down horn sign DURING the games without any penalties … goodbye patsies and poor sisters to beat up … instead THEY will be the ones getting beat up … weekly … they will look for mercy and not get any

At last nights buckeye gopher game I noticed that Minnesota hasn’t won anything notable since 1927 … the horns will be in the same boat … since Mack Brown was their HC …


If only both of them could lose when they play each other.


Other than the 1960 national title?

Has either announced plans to expand their stadiums to 150K :sunglasses:

Was enjoying them not playing


should be “supporting”

Sukie for the win.