Look who showed up at the office


Nutria rat?

Looks like a possum, or Virginia oppossum if you prefer. America’s marsupial.

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Opposum is much uglier than that

Here’s one that visited my yard a while back with her little ones.

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One got trapped in my garage and ate the wires to the safety sensors for the garage door opener. Probably trying to keep warm.


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I’ve trapped over 100 possum in my back yard. They ravage my melons and peppers. I take them to a much wilder area across the Ft Bend tollroad

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Years ago a heard a ruckus in the backyard late at night. I got out of bed and poked my head out the back door. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t really see details, but looked like my dogs were playing tug of war with a dirty diaper. (We had a crazy dog who liked to jump the fence and come back with random smelly garbage, and it was dirty diapers on more than one occasion).

I turned on the light and walked over to the dogs to break them up, and realized it wasn’t a dirty diaper they were playing tug of war with, it was a possum!

I put the dogs up in the house so I could go outside and dispose of the carcass…but when I went back out, possum was gone. That crazy-ass dog had brought home a live possum!!!

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I love possums. The original lurkers.

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