Looks like Tulsa gave Okie Lite a game

Okie Lite 16
Tulsa 7

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I watched it live, Tulsa could have won and lead until the late 3rd but kept shooting themselves in the foot, horrible clock management. Turned a 3rd and 2 in a 3rd and 24 because of consecutive penalites.

Tulsa should have won that game.

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OSU should not be ranked 11th. This game just made it even more frustrating not being able to have played Baylor. I really felt that Coogs would have won. The B12 is just not very “power”, to me, lately.

I saw the starting QB for okie st left the game early on, did he ever return?

Tulsa deserved to lost that game with all the bad decisions on both the players and staff.

Montgomery keeps hanging on.

He took a pay cut along with the whole staff. They can’t afford anyone else. They announced cuts to the entire athletic department, and this was BEFORE COVID affected everything.

No he never did, I want to say they were down to their third string QB

I watched part of the game and on 3rd and short, we all knew what was coming – the RB dancing behind the center and getting nailed for a 2 yard loss. They kept running the clock down and on 3rd and 1; coach called TO at 1 second. Then coming out of timeout, still got called for delay. Announcer said, “That’s the kind of thing that gets coaches fired.”