Losing to Rice a fireable offense?

You would think yes but Sumlin lost twice and Briles once. Both left us and weren’t fired. Levine beat em twice and we canned him. Applewhite got ‘em twice too and we fired him too. So who knows.

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This L alone probably not but I think we can see this season will likely get it done


Rice has talent on the O especially…I saw this coming since last Year


I think that a pre-requisite for a successful season was to win all of our conference games, especially given how we knew the conference schedule would be much harder this year, and all our OOC games were against G5s.

To get in a bowl game, we more or less had to win all our OOC games.

It’ll take a miracle season to get to 6 wins now.

That said, I BELIEVE in miracles. Hopefully, we beat TCU, Sam…and play the SPOILER to UT!!!

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We are in the Big12 now. UH should have played Rice like USC is playing standford right now.

UH is a lesser team compared to Rice. Firable offense for sure.


We were both g5 schools then. P5 invitation and acceptance was two years ago. No reason to lose to rice at this point. What other big 12 school do you think they would beat right now? They played texas last week and looked ok for a bit. But texas being a p5 had an advantage of depth and talent. This should of been a game that we rested our starters in the second half. We should leave teams like rice in the dust. Yet we struggled mightily.


Idk if it’s a fireable offense, BUT if it doesn’t cause you to make major changes on both offense and defense moving forward then you should fired

Accounting for resources, this loss is way, way worse than Briles or Sumlin’s losses to Rice.


Preach! No lies in this post.

What the hell are y’all talking about?

This ass-hat should have been fired long ago.

Of course this is a fireable offense.

One of many.

Our recruiting strategy over the last 5 years is another one.

It’s a major contributing factor to why we are where we are right now.


I don’t think so but the writing is on the wall. I was listening to his post-game interview on the field and he really didn’t even sound that upset. I just don’t think he cares.


He never did.


This is right up there with Levine losing to Texas St. We fired Nesbitt after that happened.

Fire Belk…fire someone, especially defensive.

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He knows the knives are out for him. His time here grows short

Dana Belkorsen is a lost cause.


Applewhite and Levine never needed OT or had to comeback from 28 points down to tie the game like the clown CDH.

This clown show in the 1st half should send a message to all Coogs that he doesn’t care.


Losing to Rice should always be a fireable offense in my opinion, unacceptable, we’ve fought how hard to be where we are? What a *bleep show


Yea, he isn’t coming back from this one. I doubt he makes it to a bowl game with this defense.

Rice cooked Dana. He is done. Toast.

We break in a new HC next season.

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Yes. Sooner Dana is gone the better

Law, UT is going to crush us……a well coached team and we may have a shot……but know way….and probably our last shot at them….sucks