Losing sucks. That is all.


Yea cause everyone wants to fire, blame certain individuals, sit players, never go to games again, meanwhile someone doesn’t have a home due to Harvey.

By the way we’re still 2-1


Still, those $65 dollars student guest ticket for this loss . :smiling_imp:

A friend of mine who is a longhorn wanted to come to the game with me but backed out due to the cost of the ticket.

And 60% of the City of Orange was affected by Harvey.
We are still 2-1 and looked terrible in the 1.

Like it or not, Houston is 6-5 since the Navy game last year.

We’ve become an average football team.


I feel bad for Ed Oliver. I don’t think Allen earned his spot. I could be wrong about that but it sure seems that way to me. I don’t trust Applewhite either. Sick of it.

Sobering thought.

Allen is Piland 2.0