Louisville Clemson

Louisville is finally playing a good D. Early, but Clemson D is suffocating.

Clemson still having O problems though.

And of course, the Cardinals put together a drive as soon as I post that.

Yah well, we want Louisville to win. I just want them to give Todd Orlando plenty to look at!

That was a good drive…replicate… I refuse to look forward to loiseville …Lesson learned from 2011 championship game. To me it’s just another top 10 matchup on tv.

Go Cardinals!!!

Louisville losing composure.

Aren’t calling pass interference on Clemson tonight.

Cards outclassed in this 1st half so far.

This is what I thought was going to happen. I thought Louisville was getting too much hype. And it’s a shame they are getting worked. Still Louisville ain’t gonna be easy for us, but Smith is just not a great passer, especially deep. Looks like Clemson has shut down the run and he’s not beating them with his arm.

Turnovers too not so good.

Louisville D ranked almost the same as Tulane, and Clemson is ranked just ahead of us. I don’t see this ending well for Louisville.

Another thing I’ve noticed…Clemson D is as dirty as they come. Way too many calls not being made on their dirty play.

They are getting away with a lot of jersey holding, and Lamar had a point, LB was choking him in the pile.

Crazy paranoid thought I had…WHAT IF FBS directed refs to call this game poorly in Clemson favor to keep UH out of the CFP? If Louisville is discredited before we play, then we don’t have a chance.

Dirty play is part of football… You’ve got to keep your head. If Lamar had kept his head, loiseville would have punched the ball in for a touchdown…
Going to be a blowout…

I think Strong being a dead coach walking at Texas is what we should be worried about.

I would be more inclined to believe they’re after Orlando. Strong is a good HC, but tu D sucks and is in dire need of change.

IMO loiseville has been exposed, maybe wrong but Clemson puts a whoopsazz on them today.

The culture there is all wrong. Don’t think a defensive genius like coach Orlando would succeed in that cluster…

If (big if) you can stop the run, I don’t think Louisville can beat you through the air.

This is good for us. And Todd Orlando.

He sticks with us this season, and if somehow Strong isn’t fired, no good coordinator takes the job with a coach who is dead man walking. No job security in that even if it is Texas.

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