Louisville president James Ramsey to step down, board disbanded


Interesting …

The guv is cleaning the slate … prez and BofRs … all 17 …

all because of an escort service happened under their watch …

yipes the guv IS REALLY STRICT …

If he was our guv he would have crucified Starr and sent the Baylor BofRs to the lions in the coliseum or the fire pit like Nebuchanezzar did to Yourshack Myshack and a Bungalow.

Just imagine if UL was chosen over WVa … two schools in the toilet at the same time … in the same conference

If he were our governor he would do just as Governor Abbot has done – nothing. Baylor is a private school and the Texas governor has no control over who they name as president or who they appoint as regents.


Uhhh … again … some folks here are worse than Sheldon Cooper …

Can’t spot sarcasm if it bit 'em on their patootie … on both cheeks … :wink:

STILL looking for that sarcasm emoji … :relaxed:

Where was the sarcasm?



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Pitino safe?

Exactly!! Said something to me on a different post but there was no hint of sarcasm. “Nice cover”.

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Probably but more like how Ramsay Bolton ended up … last night

Wait…how is no one from the athletic department not held accountable for this? Granted, I don’t know all the details but doesn’t this fall under the ‘lack of institutional control’ category if all these illicit activities had been going on at the university dorms the whole time? It seems hypocritical for the president and the Board to get fired but yet the athletic department gets off scot free.

Hookers were really for the Regents? Using athletes as a cover story to protect themselves from expensive divorce? There’s got to be a really crazy conspiracy theory there somewhere.

My thoughts ORIGINALLY … the governor wiped out the prez and BofRs since I gather he can’t touch the AD or HC …

I will be LESS SARCASTIC next time since it upsets some folks here who tend to be too nick picky.

I did read somewhere here in one of the postings that the card fans/alum are happy since they claim most of the BofRs are UKentucky “plants” (spy or mole NOT an herb or rose … for my nick picky critics :wink:) anyway.

I knew you were being sarcastic because of renaming the big three, as in big in faith. Maybe we could have a contest on what their real names are?


Dude, no one saw sarcasm in that post. You messed up, just accept it and move on.

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