Love for UH on Sirius College Sports

People, this morning on Sirius College Sports with Rick Neuheisel/Chris Childers they were talking about Big 12 expansion and spoke only of UH. Both of them were complimenting us. Also, Childers stated that he was on our campus a few weeks ago and that our stadium was P5/Big 12 caliber. lots of nice things said.

just thought i would pass it on.


I listen to that channel a lot. They had CTH on last week.

Good news and thanks for sharing. The place looks a little different since Rick Neuheisel was here last.

always like listening to that Xm college sports when I get the chance, I think they have very good insight.

Ahhhh, that was a good day…an unusually mild September Day, sun was out, and Case Keenum throwing all over the bears…

THAT is a 180 degree turn around … Neuheisel was dissing UH several days ago …

Something is up or in the wind and they are probably riding the waves to keep up with the rest …

He still mad at the thrashing we gave him at Robertson.:imp:

The guys on the morning show did the same 180. I think that they were looking at it all as expanding footprints and recruiting bases. But once the narrative shifted to actual entertainment product, the talk shifted to us. The dude who is not Greg McElroy (all the the non athlete or former coach hosts sound the same) was talking about tuning in to see a heated rivalry game bwtween us and texas rather than UT v UCF.

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Not surprisingly, a lot of people who cover the sport that are outside Texas see what a no-brainer we are for expansion. It’s largely (but not entirely) the folks inside this state with their own preconceived notions that are anti-UH.

It’s good to hear all the positive comments from non-biased sports analyst. One can only hope that other ADs from the P5 (excluding B12-4+2) feel the same way.

Good find. Thanks for sharing.

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