Low percentage throws

We saw it last week when the QB went long in 3rd & 5 towards the end of the Temple game and it stalled the drive ficnf then hope.

We’re seeing it again and again, and the offense can’t get into a rhythm. Thankfully we were aided with penalty calls and a defense that isn’t very good. Still, the offense needs motion, slants, tunnel screens, and more 5-10 yard HIGH percentage throws to be more successful.

I agree. Hopefully they’re working on it.

We still throw no 10 crossing routes.
We also never run the the deep post to pull the safety officials of the WR on the go route.
At least make the safety have to choose.
Overall, cautiously optimistic.
Great play by Big Ed and Crew on D.

Why do we have TE’s …except for blocking !!

Guess I answered my own question.

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Look like there were occasions where a skinny post or just post pattern would have been open the way SMU defense was aligned.

On the two Postma INTs, I think Corbin needs to learn how to fight for the ball more effectively. He badly miss-timed a jump vs TTU and last night he was out fought for the ball by a guy 3 inches shorter. He’s young and maybe still hasn’t mastered how to go from receiver to defender on an underthrown ball. Leday looked like he was falling backward when the ball arrived. Had he stayed on his feet, I think we have a TD or INC.

Yes, Postma threw in double coverage and that shouldn’t happen, but when it does, our guys need to fight for the ball and if not catch it, prevent the INT.

Agreed. On the INT in the EZ I was a little disappointed that he kind of faded away from the ball instead of attacking it.
On the second INT Postma missed a wide open crossing route. Both the S and CB were on the deep WR. And the other safety was nowhere to be seen.