Low ROI vs High ROI students

That’s because A&M is the centerpiece to College Station entirely

UH is not the centerpiece to Houston

Yep before a move is made in either Bryan and college station A&M is consulted

Harvard does not just reach out to donors as prospective students. My youngest, a JR in HS, has gotten 3 letters from Harvard (letters from 6 of the 8 Ivy League schools and about 250 letters from schools from all over the country) telling us how great he would fit in and has gotten no letters from UH even though My wife and I and our daughter are all UH graduates. Oddly enough, my son put UH as his first choice when he took the SAT, but no follow up from UH (it was also our first campus visit).

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THIS is exactly what I am talking about.

For whatever reason, the University of Houston shies away from doing whatever it takes to recruit/acquire HIGH ROI students.

Why not?

It benefits your university in so many ways!

Congratulations. Will your junior son be a NM Semifinalist?

How the hell does one get personal letters from Harvard

Major congrats to your son!

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Thanks. He scored in the top 1% on his SAT test and has really good grades in all AP classes. Obviously gets it from his mom…ha. He wants to study Physics and he’s gotten letters from the top 4 programs (MIT, Stanford, Caltech and Harvard). Listed in order by rankings. We are very proud.