Loyola-Chicago's non-con schedule is lacking -- because other coaches were wrongly afraid to schedule the Ramblers

Hmmmm…sounds familiar. Wonder if they tried to call us?

“I’m trying,” Moser said. “You know what kills me … when you hear first five in, last five out, and you’re approaching Selection Sunday and you hear people criticize you for your schedule. That kills me at our level. We’re out there trying to do it. We’re getting teams buying out of contracts, not wanting to play home-and-homes. It’s very tough. You see a lot of the inequality.”

It’s not a good thing for college basketball that one of the greatest stories in NCAA Tournament history is going to follow up this fall with little publicity and television time, thanks to almost no power programs agreeing to play the Ramblers. It shouldn’t be like this. For Loyola and so many mid-majors like them, the scheduling game feels as rigged as ever.

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What a fun game it would be!

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