LSU not allowing visiting bands to perform at halftime

New LSU policy bans opponents’ marching bands from halftime performances at Tiger Stadium

“It’s a safety issue,” Bonnette told The Advocate. “We don’t have room down there for both bands. In order for bands to perform at half, they’ve got to come down to the field before the first half ends. That’s a lot of people on the sideline.”

Seems to me all stadiums have this same issue. I doubt any are designed for both bands. Why is this only coming up at LSU?

Word is that the fans and the LSU band were often unruly towards opposing bands which often led to near fights.

Knew this would happen:

LSU Reconsidering Ban On Visiting Bands

The backlash from LSU fans and the band world has been immense and band Directors across the country are watching this situation closely. Many are hoping that this ban is quickly reversed and no lingering effects are felt. Members of LSU’s band told us that they fear other school’s will ban them from performing at LSU away games in effect punishing students who had nothing to do with the new policy.

One can only hope that this mind-blowingly dumb policy is reconsidered.

And now LSU has decided to allow opposing bands to play at halftime. That was a quick turnaround:

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