LSU pick six

99 yards while ahead 56-7…wins game 63-7…lol…



Purdue is a big rival of Notre Dame. Kelly probably enjoyed it

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Yeah, but you can’t tell a kid to quit on a play. Simpson had a 60yard punt return for UH’s last score against Tulsa when we beat them 100-6.

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B1G = Paper Tiger


Let the backups play but other than that let’er rip I say.


Thought it was a punt return.

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LSU was trying to make it more competitive by having its QB pass with his foot.

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C’mon guys, Larry Gatlin was a receiver at UH.

OOPS, my bad Gatlin scored on a TD reception to make it 93-6. I fixed the above. Of course Simpson coulld have called for a fair catch, but he wanted to score too, everyone else was.

Scoring by Quarter Scoring Details
First Quarter
HOU – Gipson 35 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 7-0
HOU – Wright 60 pass from Bailey (Lieweke kick) HOU, 14-0
Second Quarter
HOU – Lieweke FG 36 yards HOU, 17-0
HOU – Bailey 1 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 24-0
Third Quarter
TUL – Burkett 14 pass from Dobbs (Kick failed) HOU, 24-6
HOU – Bell 21 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 31-6
HOU – Gipson 17 Run (Kick failed) HOU, 37-6
HOU – Wright 66 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 44-6
HOU – Gipson 14 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 51-6
Fourth Quarter
HOU – Heiskell 7 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 58-6
HOU – Stewart 19 pass from Clark (Lieweke kick) HOU, 65-6
HOU – Strong 26 pass from Clark (Lieweke kick) HOU, 72-6
HOU – Peacock 34 pass interception (Lieweke kick) HOU, 79-6
HOU – Clark 11 Run (Lieweke kick) HOU, 86-6
HOU – Gatlin 25 pass from Clark (Lieweke kick) HOU, 93-6
HOU – Simpson 60 punt return (Lieweke kick) HOU, 100-6
Venue: Astrodome; 11/23/1968 Attendance: 34,089
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What I never understood was with the score
93-6 and the game almost over…… why was Tulsa punting !!

True but that paper is made of money.


The picture on the bills are Benjamins, not Washingtons.

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Was this not on the opening kick off ? ? ? ? ? Think he ran the length of the field in 5 or 6 seconds . . . . .

Don’t know, I just copied and pasted from a site.

I did not have tickets to that particular game. I was listening on the radio, heard the opening score, then went outside to work on my vehicle. Once I was finished up, I heard the score and said to myself I should have been listening to the game the whole time (but I was distracted because of some needed repair on my vehicle and totally forgot the game was going on) . . . . .