Luke Fickell leaving Cinci for Wisconsin

I wish he stayed.

But I thought being p5 prevented this!!!


Dang that sucks for Cincinnati. Wisconsin is going to be a whole lot tougher job when the B10 drops divisions

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Lol, all P5s are not equal. Wisconsin in B10 has more weightage than X in B12. Fickell is a B10 guy, so, that transition makes more sense.


Said nobody ever

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Prob why they lost to Tulane

They’re gonna have to carry Tuberville away from Oxford in a pine box.

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:thinking: please explain?

Long travel for Cincy to be in the B12, maybe he wanted no part of that

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Now…watch Cincinnati get Coach Prime.


I don’t think prime works in Cincy


But he is a perfect fit here…even if he leaves in 3 years!

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Home of Oscar Robertson sure it does. Weather maybe a factor for him. If he’s mulling Colorado offer, as reported, I don’t see why it would

I have my money on Tom Herman to Cinci…


I don’t think Prime cares about the Big O. Its a cold, little city in a state dominated by the Big Ten. Doesn’t seem his style.

Haha… Suck it Cinci!

That is all.


I’ll take your money

That’s actually a perfect fit.

He coached at OSU and was born in Cincinnati

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Cincy at one time was very conservative city, I could see Hermann but not Prime. Chadwell to GT.