Lunardi STILL has us on the 2-line

…though hanging on by a thread as he has them currently 8th and, hence, his last 2-seed on his board. But The Bracketologist only docked us a mere three spots, which, I have to say is quite generous based on what I thought it would be.

CBS Sportsline also moved us down only 5 spots, too, and still 10th overall.

Maybe we won’t end up losing too much ground after all. At this point of the season, the top teams have probably already done enough to show their viability with the voters. Some voters will over-react, sure, but I’m starting to feel like maybe the rest will treat the Coogs’ loss last night as more of an outlier.

Lunardi moved Alabama up to the 1-line on the strength of both the Coogs’ and Villanova’s upset outcomes. Lunardi actually dropped 'Nova (currently 7th overall) more spots (4) than the Cougars.


Like coach said, we’re a really good team that had a very bad game. I think the pundits reaction as been reserved, as it should be.



Big game Saturday, Lunardi’s waiting to see how we bounce back lol

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The only good news out of that game is that it was on ESPN+ and few saw it. That could help. Plus it was an anomaly, an outlier, no chance it could happen again, etc.

Win out and we get a 2 seed! Id be extremely stoked about that!