Macgregor Park 54mil facelift

This helps UH.


Also this right near UH in the 3rd ward

54 million for what?

54 mil to revitalize macgregor park over 5 yrs. They have 27 mil so far.

Landscaping looks like lol

Pickle ball courts probably.


The article says what they’re doing.

Irrelevant to a certain suburban demographic.

$54M’s is a ton of money from just looking at these plans. Just saying.


This is exciting and the medical school and university will benefit from this alot.


How much was the Emancipation Park renovation? That’s very nice and a smaller area.

The article says they’ll remove the paving/parking lots through MacGregor Park and make the main entrance off OST. (There’s currently no entrance off OST). Reducing the pavement through the middle of the park to maximize green space.

Renovated baseball fields, swimming pool and tennis courts. Renovated community center building. New amphitheatre.


Photos: Houston’s Emancipation Park reborn after $33.5M renovation - Curbed.

Around 33 mil for emancipation park back then but costs have gone up.

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I thought the city was broke.

They move the baseball field closer to OST lol guess the designers don’t see how many foul balls leave the field

So what will they do about the homeless problem out there

Complaining about a city park. Wow.

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This one is great too:

At least half of the money isn’t coming from the city per the article.

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Trunks pop
Tops drop


I’m there quite often and know the ins and outs - why create a problem that’s not there now?