Mack Rhoades deserves a little credit, IMO

In the past under the previous AD, if you sent an email with a concern that was well thought out and un-provocative (you weren’t bashing the athletics department), you would get a response from Mack, himself regarding the issue. Sometimes he would refer you to the correct person to handle the situation, but you would at least see something.

Has anyone else had similar problems under the new administration? It seems Hunter Yurachek is not as involved with the alumni as a whole as his predecessor.

I would think he’s a tad busy with all this realignment/facilities business. However, you’d think he’d have someone answering those for him…

I think Mack was a “tad” busy with building a stadium and hiring a new set of coaches that perform better than his original hires, but he still took the time.

Yepp one wonders how the AD version of the Toad man is doing at that catastrophe on the Brazos.

Is he answering those cubbies their inquiries ON WHY a certain HC hasn’t shown up … yet …

Nah, those tasks were taken care of by others. Answering emails was right about his level of competency


I can go along with Mac having a “little” credit
But IMHO it is Tilman and Renu who get my overwhelming amount of credit to where we are today and more important where we are headed



I have not tried to contact Hunter yet, so don’t know first hand.

However all of my emails to Mack about Levine and the emails to Dave Maggard prior to Mack were answered. At the Fan Appreciation Days Dave made a point to try and shake hands with all in attendance and thank you for support. Mack did not attempt this if and when he was at FAD.


If Hunter is dedicating every second of his time on getting us into the Big 12, and a few emails asking how many hands it takes to catch a football go unanswered, I’m perfectly okay with that.

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Both Mack and Levin responded to my inquires. Hunter, nope.

So, let me clarify… I have probably only ever emailed the AD directly five times since 2003. I typically direct comments to who is responsible for whatever my concern is or where I want to give praise. If I am emailing the AD, it is because there is something that needs to be addressed at his level, or there is something that has not been handled the way it should have below him.

One of those times was last year when the ticket office didn’t address having only one frickin’ ticket window open for basketball games. I can’t tell you how many people just walked away and said forget it. That was something that needed the AD’s attention immediately, because one of his organizations was falling flat on their face.

I didn’t receive a response then, and now I am bringing up the flex tickets being unavailable. I didn’t get a adequate response initially from the ticket office, and so I took it up. Now, I just received a call from Pete Heim, the ticket office director. So issue is handled, I had CC’d Yurachek on the email regarding that subject. I will post about it in the basketball forum.


For… The… Win…

This has been my experience as well.

Mack was extremely approachable. Even walked up to me and my friends in Birmingham before the bowl game with Vandy and chatted us up for awhile. Always ran into him at other events and he talked about everything. Never emailed Levine. Didn’t need to.

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