Mack Rhoades leaving Mizzou for Baylor

Man…jumping from one dumpster fire into another.

I figured Mack’s days at Mizzou were numbered after the racial mess they had last year, but Baylor?

Wow. Voluntarily taking the Baylor job is quite the commentary on the Mizzou job, isn’t it?


Well, sometimes desperation on both sides - results in strange decisions - by both sides! :flushed:


Hahahahaha should have stayed.

It might be way too short sighted to make sense, but it is hard not to see this as a shot at inroads with CTH. I’m really not sure what else MR brings to the table for Baylor. They sure don’t need new facilities.

Twitter is aflame with morons making that point that MR hired CTH here. Like CTH is going to leave UH for a dumpster fire that will still be burning for years to come.

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UH vs. Baylor in 2018 or 2019?

And did UH just pick up the support of a Big XII AD for the next round of expansion?


We will know which side was more desperate based on the title: AD vs. Vice-President of Intercollegiate Athletics?

Mack Rhoades gonna give Jim Grobe a raise by this year mid season.


Yeah, they don’t stop to think… Who else would go and work there?
Mack is already dealing with a burning house in Mizzou. Might as well jump ship to one he won’t get blamed for. At Baylor he can be seen as the fixer.
Baylor’s choices were exceptionally limited.

So, you really believe that MR was the driving force behind the hiring of Herman and Sampson :sunglasses:!!!

The same guy that hired Dickey and Levin !!

I have a bridge you might be interested in :stuck_out_tongue:!

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Ha! No sir. This is me trying to make sense of why they would be hiring him. Limited choices or not, I am struggling to find what he brings to the table since his biggest stamp is building facilities. Weird hire at a weird school. I guess that makes enough sense on its own.

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Baylor is going to burn a lot of the momentum they have left going all in on him though, which is pretty funny.

Ok, so no hallusinating drugs were involved.

Baylor is desperate and MR sees this as an opportunity to escape a bad situation. Like someone said, they cannot blame the Baylor mess on him.

I think he screwed up again, but it is his call.

This is clearly a ploy to get Herman. Will it work? No but I am growing weary of Baylor’s backstabbing tactics.


Does Mack Rhoades increase Baylor’s chances to hire Tom Herman?


I’ll take our odds with Tilman and Renu vs. Mr. Mackey and Baylor’s sex crimes.

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Uhhh … CTH did not jump to Missou with Rhoades there … so I doubt seriously he is even considering jumping to Baylor with Rhoades there.

Rhoades at Baylor is intriguing … who exactly hired him … everyone there has “INTERIM” ahead of their names … 'cept the BofRs.

If I am not mistaken Rhoades is not known for his sterling hires … most rumors around the other board were that Herman was selected by someone OTHER than Rhoades.

building facilities at Akron and UH YES … hiring HCs and one has better odds flipping a coin.

So if the cubbies BofRs hired MR for getting great HCs then they have a better chance at the craps tables on those native American casinos.

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