Madam Khator on CFB Playoff

Don’t know if y’all have seen this yet.


Not that she is advocating it, but she just made the case for a lawsuit.
The P5 have a lot to answer for.


Actually they don’t have much to answer for. There’s no real national outrage about the playoff other than bigger P5s being left out. Expansion is letting more of them in. There’s no national outcry for UCF or any other G5 team.

The playoff ratings will be big and eventually they’ll expand and the ratings will be bigger.

Cool! She’s the bomb !!!

No case at all. The CFP is a private entity which has the right to invite anyone it likes. If they wanted to they could have invited 4 teams selected at random.

It’s like the basketball march madness. Does the no 65 program have the right to sue? CFP is not even preventing another playoff from being made. Didn’t ESPN offer G5 a playoff and was rejected?

What’s the case? And there is no solution. Grow to 8/16/32/64 the 9/17/33/65 programs will complain about being unfairly left out. There are no satisfactory solutions.

Her point is that it’s unfair as it leaves out so many programs, but private media networks have every right to run their businesses the way they like. Networks compensate P5 conferences at different rates. Can Pac complain that they are being unfairly treated for being the lowest paid P5? Can pac and Big 10 take the CFP to court because their champions have been left out of the playoffs for multiple years? Incidentally the same years that a deserving AAC missed out on making the playoff, Big 10 and Pac did too.

Ideally there’d be 8 10 program conferences with each champion getting a berth in an 8 team playoff. But you cant legally force that to happen.

Everything aside, if UCF beats LSU (I think there is a good chance of that happening even with UCF starting a back up QB) and goes undefeated (or 1 loss next year), I’d love to see the hilarious contortions the CFP goes through to keep UCF out.

Who’s the guy on the left? He has “cartel hack” written all over his face!


If you are talking about me all I am doing is giving you the arguments against the G5 position. When I posted it, I knew I would draw a lot of criticism. These arguments do not represent my personal wishes or views.

I could agree with everyone and we can all share a group hug. I prefer to deliberately inject contrarian views. You want to make a change pay attention to the contrarian views. As the Great General George S. Patton once said, “if everyone is thinking the same, someone is not thinking.”

All great leaders in history have not only welcomed contrarian views but actually used them to guide decisions. You want to see a change welcome and pay attention to contrarian views and ideas. A person with such views is not necessarily opposed to your desires, he is just looking at the issue in a different way.

Sorry I offended you or anyone else. I’ll stop posting things that do not conform to the generally held positions.

No, I think he is referring to the guy literally on the left in the video. He does have that look on his face the entire time she is talking.

I believe P5 or Bust is pretty much correct. You would have a hard time winning a lawsuit.


  1. Last year there was one poll that recognized UCF as the No. 1 team in the nation
  2. The Playoffs as I have stated on here numbers of times is an invitational by ESPN. It is not an NCAA sanctioned event. You have a committee set up by ESPN that selects four teams and they start a poll about halfway in the season.
  3. The ESPN poll does not replace the Coaches Poll or the AP Poll or the USA Today poll or any other poll.
  4. We as a public have just accepted it as the defining poll.
  5. ESPN can sway this opinion because they pretty much have the rights to almost every bowl game during the bowl season

Here is the gorilla in the room. If Georgia beats Alabama last Saturday and we have a playoff with Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, and Notre Dame does anyone cry foul? Even with Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma when does the B1G and the PAC cry foul? Granted the SEC has been the best conference but I do not think it is a coincidence that the playoffs have been dominated by teams from conferences where ESPN either has the media rights, SEC Network, ACC Network, ACC Conference, split equal with Fox on the Big 12 and all of the SEC other than one game on CBS.

When does Delaney and the B1G and the PAC say enough and take action? Right now a PAC school has only a slightly better chance than a G5 to make it into the playoffs. They can but they better be perfect. And for the Big 12, the PAC, and the B1G, if you win your conference and have lost one game, you better be the right school (Ohio State, Michigan, Washington, USC, UCLA, Oklahoma, Texas) or you will not make the playoffs with one loss.

The whole thing is rigged for a handful of teams to make the playoffs and your odds are better if you come from an ESPN media rights conference.

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Oh my apologies.

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No, I was talking about the guy on the on left-hand side of the table in the video. Sorry to disappoint.

Not disappointed, just relieved. At least there is one board where fans won’t jump on you for posting that run contrary to the prevailing winds.

There are some on here who get all personal about stuff. I just ignore it mostly although I did report one poster who just went way too far. Differing opinions is all good with me. I agree with you on the lawsuit point btw. I am not an attorney but it seems if anyone should be sued it would be the NCAA for ignoring their responsibility to provide a fair and equal opportunity for all student athletes.

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Are they really student athletes at North Carolina? I think a lawsuit against the NCAA is probably the only avenue to effect real change. ESPN is all about money and could care less about non money issues of NCAA universities.

How about the various state higher education coordinating boards? Aren’t they somehow involved in ensuring the quality of education, disbursement of available funding, quality of student outcomes, etc? Isn’t there some issue with allowing a state university to diminish another state university within that same state? Isn’t there some issue with directing more legislature-controlled funds to a university with other sources of funding rather than one without those same sources?

They do all that for elementary, middle, and high schools. I don’t know about public higher education funding. The PUF is only distributed to UT and A&M. At the end of the day, the legislature are the ones to blame for unequal funding, I think.

I don’t think we should get any Texas governmental body investigation going right now. We are trying to get the med school up and running and we may get invited to a P5 one day. My understanding is both of these require Texas legislature approval. Those are two very important items on UH agenda.

Unless most of the legislators and governor are UH alumni, we need to lay off any type of investigation.

Come sit next to me P5. I agree with your thought process. Please tell me about the board where contrarian views are welcome. I haven’t seen it.

She makes excellent points in regards to perception affecting donations and overall participation.

What I don’t understand, is why ESPN does not want to leverage the entire value of the FBS? The growth is in bringing the “mid-majors” to the next level. The revenue from a “normal” bracket would be exponentially higher than the current arrangements.

  1. ESPN can’t afford it; they can hardly afford to hold the P5 cartel together between cord cutters and the NFL.
  2. Outside it’s been shown that except for the AAC and Boise State there is no value in the G5. Look at the peanuts the MAC and CUSA get for their games, and the Sun Belt PAYS to get games on TV.