Maggard's Advice Still True Today

We need a wide open offense:
Mike Leach
Dino Babers
Scott Frost
Chip Kelly
Etc, etc, etc

He understood that unless you had a special talent like Ward (who bested Lamar Jackson TWICE), that UH needs to be unconventional and high octane.

We need a mobile QB and lightning quick WR who spread out the D. Under Briles and Sumlin our RBs average well over 5 ypa. We set up the run with the pass.

And our D was set up to generate Turnovers.

Dave Maggard’s words are just as true today.


Agreed…we may have that Greg Ward QB behind center next year and we have some lightning quick receivers on the way (just need someone to coach them properly).

I’d still like to see some variety to the offense instead of the pure Urban Meyer RPO. Really hoping CMA evaluates his staff hard and brings in more experienced coaches.


Uncle Dave was one heck of a guy, sure do miss him


Agreed, offense and defense is a constant chess match. We can keep the principals of an offense but we have to evolve or at least include plays that fits our players…not the other way around. Are we using our players to the best of their abilities? Our record says no and our mistakes say no.
We played on Thursday. Let’s see how we “reboot”

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I will agree with this if you meant Sumlin and after. The defense before Sumlin was something like the 2nd half of the Memphis game.

I liked Maggard though. I went to one coach’s show at Irma’s. Maggard got up from the bar and came over to introduce himself to me. That would never happen in the current culture – VPs now instead of ADs and more people at the shows.

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I definitely agree with this! I think they will have the talent. Question is, do they have the staff to coach it up? I’m not confident they do.

Sumlin’s D’s prior to the last year were pretty awful. Many of us still shakenour Head when hearing the name John Skladany. Brian Stewart was the one that came in and started being more aggressive and Gibbs later picked up on it under Levine.

Score and make the clock the other guy’s problem.

Watched USF (still not looking dominant, though they win). They got up 34-7 on Tulane and had less than half the Time of Possession.

High Octane Offenses put a lot of pressure on a D. Heck, that is why Saban convinced the NCAA rules people to allow substitution of defensive players when the O substituted. I STILL hate that rule and Saban because of his whining.

The best AD we’ve had since I’ve been here (1984).

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This is the correct summary. Sumlin’s last year, we had a good defense.

Gibbs was good, but weak against the run.

Orlando solved those problems…with Levine players.

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