Major Applewhite and Mark D'onofrio

Where are they now?

Let it go already.


They are not here that’s the most important thing lol


Presented without comment.

Applewhite is far from innovative he’d probably fit in the NFL and their boring offenses

Leave Major alone. He is a decent dude who was just in over his head at his first HC gig. He will surface again somewhere.


whose that?! :sunglasses:

Are you trying to say that Major was a Minor as HC for the Coogs?

What did he do to earn the paycheck he is still getting today?
What about our two lost years?

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Jeez, stop with the drama. He didn’t excel, but we had winning seasons the last two years. He “earned the paycheck” by doing what his contract required - that’s the way this works.

If you lost two years, maybe it was from something else. :beers: :slightly_smiling_face:


On POINT! Very well put. Give this man a raise and a beer ! :beer:

New phone. Who dis?

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Yes but he also earned the criticism, just as he would have earned the credit for doing great things.

Call it what it is. No drama.

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“Two lost years” is certainly drama. As for the criticism, well, I guess you can stay with that, especially since he’s still getting paid. It seems pointless, though - we’re not going to fire him again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, you’re right. Overly dramatic on my part.
I never really criticized Applewhite or No D for their ineptitude when they were our coaches.
Now they are no longer coaching and still receiving wages, I think I am entitled to a few criticism.

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