Major Applewhite Wants to Finish Season Strong | Brian T Smith | SportsTalk 790


  • They joke about Matt Thomas not being there
  • Brian mentions that he sees that the team will finish 8-3 with a good chance at winning a bowl game
  • CMA mentions that they’re about to play 2 of the best coaches in the conference
  • CMA then talks about the turnover the last 2 years and lists out a lot of the guys that went to the NFL
  • CMA says that he’s proud of the team, but not satisfied because a couple of the losses should have been wins
  • Brian mentions that the USF win seems to be the turning point. CMA sort of agrees, but mentions the Arizona game as a good win as well. Also mentions that he looks back at those losses and they sort of eat at him.
  • CMA talks about how south Louisiana is home for him. Talks about how you fly into New Orleans and get the smell of bourbon and cigarettes and you know where you are immediately.
  • CMA says he keeps it strictly business when on the road. All business; says that if he wants to hit New Orleans, they’re only 5 1/2 hours away so they can do it another time.
  • Talk about Ed Oliver, says that Oliver has reason to be frustrated with some of the things that have been done to him. Says that the NCAA committee is looking at some of the rules because of what’s been done to him. Says that Ed just keeps going no matter what’s thrown at him.
  • CMA says it’s encouraging to find consistency, but mentions that the other QBs had consistency as well. Need to continue to build with King and keep it simple and easy and let him play within himself.
  • They joke again about Matt not being there and Brian says he sees them finishing 8-3