Major Applewhite Weekly Press Conference (10.09.17)

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  • JD asks him about the OL right off the bat. CMA mentions execution and creating movement. Also mentions WR blocking and RBs breaking blocks as important aspects of running the ball as well. Coaches have to understand what works and continue to highlight those areas.
  • Feelings on midpoint of season. Focus on 1 game, 1 practice, 1 rep at a time. Don’t get too retrospective on the season right now. Next week off isn’t for 4 weeks so there will be bumps and bruises so suck it up and let’s get back on the field. Keep focusing on what’s winning and not lose sight of what didn’t work 3 weeks ago.
  • Asked about Grant Stuard. Plays with great effort and practices with great effort. Very physical, lot of pride, very competitive.
  • JD asks about the defensive players “flipping the switch” in the redzone. Mentality that defenses have to have that no matter how the ball gets there, flip the switch and go put out the fire. Today’s football, so many explosive plays that it comes down to how you play redzone defense.
  • Asked if looking at the film, what he saw that helped the running game. Says that the tempo was much better and that things moved faster from the plays coming in and getting to the line faster and that helped so hopefully they can continue.
  • Asked about Payton Turner. Mentions that the DLine did some great things. Also mentions that the DLine made some mistakes with being out of position and they need to clean that up so that the defense doesn’t have to always be a redzone defense.
  • JD asks about Terrell Williams. Huge impact with the two picks and the pass breakup. Intelligent and mentions that he’s listening intently at all meetings. Lights very bright.
  • JD asks about Oliver and the injury yet chasing down Sutton downfield on the screen. Not really surprised by the effort, but he does it all the time so why are you surprised, Major.
  • Asked about his presence. Your best players set the level of intensity for the team. Greg Ward did it for the offense. Guys that get excited to play is contagious, you can’t hide it.
  • Asked about Bonner and Birden. Didn’t know about Bonner until Friday morning. Still in protocol but hoping he will be ready for Saturday. Birden went through warm-ups and started not feeling good so they had to keep him out to be safe.
  • Asked about Tulsa and how they’ve given up a lot of rushing. Option offenses like Navy and Tulanre are hard to get ready for as a team.