Major Applewhite Weekly Press Conference (10.29.18)

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If you can’t watch the video, here’s the link to the transcript with quotes:

On the defense’s biggest takeaways as season progresses
“On the way they have responded. The response of the staff, Coach (Mark) D’Onofrio and his staff, and the players. We know the way we played in Lubbock wasn’t us. We have great players and great coaches and we’ve got to go back and focus on the things that we need to be a better defense. We talked about free ones and we still have got to get better at that. There are a couple of times that we have given up a big play in the passing game there in the third quarter, and we’ve got to correct those things. There were some tackling issues in the first half, they got much better in the second half; we are tackling better on the perimeter, but we just have to continue to stay humble and hungry. I know it sounds like coach speak, but that is the reality of it. Having arrived after week eight, you’re not knocked dead after week three. The whole point is to continue to improve and get better. That is the positive. Right now I feel like we are getting better as a football team and when you can say that about your team across the board for week eight, then you are doing the right things. Now you don’t fall in love with yourself. You go back to work and continue to improve every day.”

“All turnovers and scoring plays are subject to review. I saw what you saw. I saw the TV copy and the ball hit the ground. You just play the game and don’t worry about things.”

Aren’t they subject to a coach’s challenge as well? Thought it was odd CMA did not at least spend a timeout and give them more time to review it. Or is he saying he did not see the replay clearly until after the game?

Surprised there were no questions about the Intentional Grounding call.

As far as the review, that’s at least the 2nd time this year that we’ve had a problem with a play not being reviewed (Tulsa game turnover?). We should have spotters up in the booth that should be calling down when those things happen and alert CMA. Guessing either they didn’t see the replay in time, or they aren’t doing their jobs well enough.

I was also surprised there wasn’t a question about the grounding call. As far as I know, there wasn’t one after the game either. CMA did sort of bring it up during one question mentioning that there was “some craziness” in the 3rd quarter and the throwaway ball, but he wasn’t specifically asked about the call.


What’s the status of Ed Oliver for the game against SMU?

He’s day to day according to CMA, but they’re going to be very careful.