Major League Rugby 2019 (Houston Sabercats)


2019 is shaping up to be a greatly expanded year for Major League Rugby.

In addition to having new franchises in New York City and Toronto, the league will now play a SIXTEEN game regular season (last season only played eight matches) and the season will run from mid-January all the way through June 1st.

The Sabercats’ new rugby-specific stadium, AVEVA Stadium, is tentatively scheduled to open on March 23rd for the match with Utah. The first three home games and both exhibitions will be held at Constellation Field, the home of the Sugarland Skeeters baseball club.

Please come out and watch the matches, and help build up the sport of Rugby Union in the USA!

Only by having a truly first-rate professional rugby league will the USA Eagles be able to advance to the highest levels of international rugby competition!


Where is this new stadium being built?

Near Pearland at the Houston Sports Village.

Address: 2055 Mowery Road, Houston, TX 77045

First regular season game is this weekend. Sadly, the first two games are on the road.


Sabercats win their opener 21-20 over Austin Elite!


Sadly, the Cats choked out in San Diego this Saturday. Better luck next match!

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Good news and other news.

The Sabercats beat Utah last night 29-27 in a dogfight.

Also, this game, incidentally, will be their last game at Constellation Field.

Following a road game on April 6th, they will debut their new, Rugby Specific Stadium, AVEVA Stadium, on April 13th against Seattle.

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The debut of AVEVA Stadium, the Sabercats’ new Rugby Specific Stadium, is this Saturday, April 13th, at 5:00pm against Seattle.

There are a few photos on Facebook. Plenty of chairs with backs.

The game can also be seen on KUBE, Root Sports, or Facebook Watch, according to the team website.

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There’s another good photo with press box here.

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In other Major League Rugby News, it is good to see that next season will feature continued expansion into major markets like New England, Atlanta, etc., as well as a move to a two-conference format.

See here:

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Went to a match last year with a buddy and had a great time. Will definitely head down to see the new stadium.

Well, the MLR championship game is coming up!

The Sabercats were overall disappointing at 6-10 this season, BUT, after they did the right thing and fired their coach, they ended the season on a four match winning streak.

If they can maintain that momentum into next season with this new coach, then perhaps next year, in an even more greatly expanded league, they’ll be a playoff contender.

And of course, AVEVA Stadium will remain among the best Rugby venues in the league!


Saw this out on YouTube…Full match from June 1st

Found another one