Major to Miami as OC?

Minor blow to the board Major haters. I always thought he got a bad rap here since day one, especially since he was a rookie head coach. I wish him the best.

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He is not good.


Is he bringing Coach No D back to Miami. Should we go to their board and warn them?


They are about to score 10’s of points


Applewhite will do well @ the U. I wish him nothing but the best.

He sure moves up the ladder pretty quick as an OC…He wasn’t given much of a chance as head coach here…Great OC…just ask Nick Saban

His QB made him look good…


wut?? LOL

Nice post mrs Applewhite.


Major is not a head coach, but he damn sure did well as OC for us 2015-2016


I have no ill-will towards Major. He was solid as an OC. As a head coach he wasn’t the leader we needed at the time. 20/20 hindsight I wish we’d gone with Kiffin. He’s been part of some real success at South Alabama. Could do well at Miami. Could even do well as a future coach someday. Probably not at the P5 level and maybe not at the AAC level either, but somewhere.


He’s been through the Saban rehab program and did very well at south Alabama this past year .


South Alabama looked very Majoresque in their bowl game. Cristo must be looking to have a short tenure in Miami

You don’t know that! Could be his undergrad girlfriend.


I gotta agree he does hustle! There’s no reason to be rude @Hill :poop:

I disagree with this. When it was anyone other than Greg Ward at QB, the offense was inconsistent. I think he was pretty lucky.

I also think what he did to Clayton Tune and the recruiting budget on his way out is unforgivable.


Yeah, none of his post made sense.

Major is 44 and some still act like he’s the 29 year old OC of Alabama. He’s an ok OC and a crappy HC. That’s who he is. A great OC wouldn’t have spent 2 years at USA at his age and experience.

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Yeah, that takes him from a mediocre OC to pure trash. Hopefully, that episode continues to follow him.

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Did Miami make any public statement about who would call the punts?

I’m still laughing at what Red McCombs said:

(Paraphrasing) “we always get the pick of who we want. And when Major’s ready we’ll bring him home, too”


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I can’t believe we hired that longhorn to be our coach.

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