Malichi Nelson QB USC

USC five-star freshman quarterback Malachi Nelson plans to spend the next 2 weeks narrowing down a list of schools and making visit plans.

Nelson’s camp has had preliminary talks with Tulane, TCU, South Carolina, Houston and Cal, per source.


We should be the favorite from that list.

Recently…Keenum, Allen, Ward, and Tune all played in the NFL


who ever gives him the most money in NIL wins.


Cal just lost its OC to Baylor.

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Tulane fans are gonna be mad for a while




Does he know Manjack?

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The dude already went to USC and got paid. I think the player is more concerned with if he is going to be in the NFL or will he be in Finance in 4 years. Houston makes a lot of sense for any young star quarterback. Come in, compete against Donovan. Even if you don’t win the job this upcoming year, you step into the starter role for a huge P4 program the following year after Donovan leaves.


I’m guessing he left usc because they brought in a transfer qb (Will Howard) which meant he’d have to sit on bench another year. Not sure he’d come to UH if he was going to sit on bench when he could just do that at usc. He’s looking for a starting job.


I don’t know his thinking or what CWF is thinking, but I would imagine that at this point there are no starters and everyone will have to earn their spot in spring and fall practice. Of course there are some who we suspect will start, but unless they show it to CWF they probably won’t. New coach, clean slate.


Right nothing is guaranteed. I’m just thinking he’s going to want a situation where it’s high % he’ll get starting qb job.


Significant noise today on DJ Lagway to flip to USC or T$MU

If he just wants to start from day 1 then I can see why he may look at a G5 program like Tulane that just lost Pratt. But almost any P4 school is going to have some kind of QB competition for him next year I don’t see any that will just hand him the keys. If he was ready to ball out right now at the highest level then USC wouldn’t be bringing in a transfer quarterback this off-season which has resulted with him transferring out in the 1st place. I think Houston makes a lot of sense for him if he believes Fritz and the offensive scheme can get him to the NFL

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Shouldn’t be THAT hard to beat out Donovan.

New coaching staff- You have to earn your spot on the depth chart.

CWF already said multiple times that he is going to mirror CKS’s philosophy on who plays.

No promises ever…max effort expected to maintain playing time.


Did USC find a better option?

Lincoln Riley cant get his defense going but his QBs always put up huge numbers.
He still call plays ? One of the better HC still OC 4 a long time.

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Rumors USC along with A$M are trying to flip Lagway

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Guessing wasn’t happy with being backup to Will Howard

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Howard seems like a terrible fit for USC but maybe they are making changes

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Backup the Brinks truck lol


Nelson >>>Howard

If coach was going to spent most of his NIL on someone, Nelson would be it.