Mapleton youth sets NCAA conference record

Awesome article about Nathaniel Melcher, the freshman decathlete on the Cougar Track and Field team. He took 1st place at the Indoors for the Coogs. Probably see him in the Olympics down the line for Canada.

Nathaniel feels the biggest difference about competing at the NCAA Division 1 level is the depth of the system.

“In Canada we have a handful of athletes who are world class in each event, but in the NCAA there are over 20 world class athletes in each event,” he said.

Technical changes are among the key elements to Nathaniel’s new training and competition regimen.

“Over the last couple years of competing in the multi-events I have picked up some bad habits in specific events, so my new coach Kyle Tellez has been working a lot with me to unlearn my bad habits and implement the new technique,” he explained.