March 11th (Selection Sunday) - Spend a Day with the Coogs


That’s a great idea!


That should be a blast.

Should be “free entry with used ticket stub from Senior night.”

Does anyone know if the team watch party will be streamed (for us OOT Coogs)? I’d love to watch the team’s reaction when their position is announced.

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If they don’t make it to the AAC Championship, they may be at the party.

If they do make it to Sunday’s game, hopefully there will be something to be able to watch them.

Did anyone get a confirmation email? I registered Sunday night and haven’t received anything.

IIRC, I responded Friday evening.

Yes I got a reservation e-mail late yesterday from someone whose last name began with a “W.” Obviously, they have already filled up all the slots for this tour date, but you might want to double check your e-mail as mine didn’t come from the usual name “HoustonAthletics” as sender.

Her name is Tylar Walyuchow (

Thanks for the info… I didn’t get a confirmation email from that address, but I’m going to reach out. I registered minutes after the email came out, I’m hoping they didn’t dock me because I’m not a big Cougar Pride donor.

Asked one of the assistant ADs if the selection party would be streamed live and here’s the response…

Apologies for tithe delay in getting back to you.
At this point, we do not have any plans to do anything live with the Selection Show, but much of that will depend on if the Cougars are still playing at the conference tournament.

If we are unable to put out anything live, we will have videos and information on our social media sites as quickly as possible. Thanks for asking, and we appreciate all your support. Sunday will be a fun day.

Take care and have a good day.


Jeff Conrad | University of Houston
Assistant Athletics Director for Communications

…a bit of a bummer…but if we’re not in the final, maybe Communications will try to throw something together. :crossing fingers:

Props to Jeff for getting back to me…in less than 24 hours.

I love this school but one hand says there’s a watch party then five days later someone says we’re not.

EDIT: Was this question in reference to streaming us watching the party for TV?

There’s still a watch party; believe @wewantyoursoul asked whether video of the team from Orlando would be streamed during the watch party. Sounds like that won’t happen if the team is still there.

If the Cougars are eliminated prior to Sunday, my guess is that they will be back in Houston prior to the party. Whether or not any of them show up will be on the coaches.

Sorry @Stagnant…didn’t mean to cause confusion. @pray10 hit the nail head on…there’s definitely still a watch party. I’m hoping to get to participate from afar (Portland, Oregon).

@wewantyoursoul No prob!

Apologies for the sideswipe lurking UH employees!