March 27-31, 24 / 13 UH players in 137 Prospects to Participate in First Ever Big 12 Pro Day /

Apparently Derek shrunk since the Shrine Bowl as well. I still don’t understand how they have a him little over 6ft instead of 6’2

Every inch they shrink him, cost him a million dollars. :joy::joy::joy:

I watched some video footage from Parish at pro day.

The dude is built like a Greek God.

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He said his training in Florida was the one of best decisions he’s ever made. He’s never felt better and is in the best shape of his life. His trainer Pete is brilliant.


Go Derek!


That dude is gonna find a roster spot somewhere.


He is gonna truck some safeties LBs for sure.


UH w lots of DBs in the mix.
Mar 27-31

It works out well.
As a whole they were awful w awful coverage LBs helping out.
117th vs pass despite decent pass rush (67th)

Willie & Wes Fritz/ staff can throw numbers at a huge weak spot.
In Fritz we trust.

Love to see him on Texans.
Size issues but not on special teams & situational defense.

Antonio Brooks, Houston
Malik Fleming, Houston
Brian George, Houston
Alex Hogan, Houston
Hasaan Hypolite, Houston

I didn’t realize we were losing so many players in the secondary. Ouch

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The drive and determination and passion is what separates Derek from other athletes. Some team will be smart enough to sign him and give him an opportunity. My only concern is not with Derek; it’s that there are a lot of ridiculously stupid teams in the NFL.

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